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How to check and see if your Apps won't run on Lion

With the advent of MacOS X 10.7, aka Lion (RawrTM), comes the demise of PowerPC carbon applications.

Apple has removed a peice of software called Rossetta that translates PowerPC(G4/G5) instructions to Intel instructions. Here is how to check to see if your applications won't run under Lion:

  1. Open Activity (in /Applications/Utilities/)
  2. Sort the table by "Kind" as seen in the screenshot below.

        If you can't see it look in the menu "View>Columns" and make sure kind is enabled)
  3. Open the application(s) you wish to check.
  4. Any application that is listed as "PowerPC" in Activity Monitor will not run in MacOS X 10.7, the rest should work.


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